Tomatoe soup

Real soup; quicker and much better than made out of a bag!

It is really unnecessary to mention it, but Your Super Chef does it anyway: this soup tastes of course much better than any other tomato soup! A tip is that very mature tomatoes are suited for the soup and can be used instead of canned tomatoes. The second tip is to always have a few cans of canned tomatoes in the cupboard.

Put 2 tablespoons butter in a saucepan over medium heat – let it melt and add
2 tablespoons flour so you get a thickening. Add a can of
canned tomatoes. Chop up the tomatoes with a wooden spoon or similar. Let it cook until tomatoes are tender and relax. Add the appropriate
broth (a cube).
Use hand blender and Puree the soup until it is smooth and even. Add a few
basil leaves or dried basil (or thyme). Season with salt and (white) pepper.

That’s it!

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1 zahiruddin { 11.02.12, 03:17 }

Mmmm It looks dlceiious AND easy. Much easier than tackling a canning project…But I'll be making mine with red.

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