Hot Mango Sauce

Hot Mango Sauce

This hot mango sauce is a perfect match for both chicken and pork. It is also a perfect accompaniment to tapas.

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Most popular on in November

Here is a list over the most popular posts on YourSuperchef in November, based on traffic.

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Honey, Mustard and BBQ marinade

This Honey, Mustard and BBQ marinade will make your pork meat both juicier and more tasty.

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Jeri’s Gluten-Free Firebird Cornbread

This recipe is from our friend Jeri Denniston’s blog: in Arizona, and here it is in her own words;

“Every family has a favorite recipe for turkey or sides, and ours is no different. One of our favorites is firebird stuffing, which is cornbread based with chiles and cranberries.

The big difference now though, is that I have to prepare it gluten-free. After some searching and trial and error, I have developed the stuffing into a gluten-free Firebird Cornbread instead of stuffing.

So if you’re looking for a really good gluten-free cornbread recipe, try this!” [READ MORE… →]

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