Scandinavian crackers

Are you fed up living on bread? It so – why not make this easy version of the scandinavian crackers? These are healthy things that create loooooooooots of energy ;-)

2 cups coarse rye flour
2 cups sunflower seeds
2 cups sesame seeds
2 cups pumpkin seeds
Alternatively: flaxseed (I use 1 cup sesame seeds and 1 cup flaxseed)
1 teaspoon salt
5-6 dl lukewarm water

Preparation method:
Mix the dry ingredients and add water. Let it rest for 5-15 minutes.

Pour the mixture over the oven tray (which is overed with baking paper). Bake at 180 degrees, about 1 hour.
Cut it into smaller pieces while it is hot (do not hesitate to smaller pieces than regular crackers, because these are rich).

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