Omelette with egg and smoked salmon

Omelette served with salmon is difficult to turn down!
It tastes and looks delicious. Like many of the other Super chef’s dishes, this recipe is great for lunch. Once you have started to make omelette, why not make two – you’re done with lunch for tomorrow.
6 eggs
Salt and pepper
Whisk the eggs and add salt and pepper.
This makes 4 thin omelets.
50 g (0,11 lb) roe
200 g (0,44 lb) salmon
50 g (0,11lb) spinach
1 box cream cheese
2 teaspoons lemon juice

Preparation method:
Stir together cheese and lemon juice, add spices and finely chopped dill. Add salmon and roe on top of the omellete. Spread the cheese over the salmon and roll up the omelette. Cut the omelette into small pieces, about 3 cm.

Perfect with a glass of white wine before dinner is served.

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