Mojito is a traditional Cuban cocktail. It became popular in the United States during the 1980s, but has recently seen a boost in popularity around the world.

A mojito is traditionally made up by the five ingredients: mint, rum, sugar, lime and club soda.

Mojito has become a popular summer cocktail with its combination of sweetness and refreshing citrus and mint flavors.


1 part Rum
3 parts Club soda
12 mint leaves
1/2 lime, cut in slices
1/2 part sugar

Preparation method

Place 12 mint leaves, 1/2 part sugar and 1/2 lime in a highball glass.

Muddle well before adding crushed ice and stir.

Then add the rum and club soda and stir well.

Feel free to garnish with sprigs of mint or a lime wheel.

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i love drinks oh and my name is mariaha

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