Honey, Mustard and BBQ marinade

This Honey, Mustard and BBQ marinade will make your pork meat both juicier and more tasty.

There are many ready-made marinades to buy, but it is more fun to make the marinade yourself. Agree?

Ingredients (enough for around 8 thin cut pork chops)

80ml/5tbsp honey
45ml/3tbsp orange juice
15ml/1tbsp apple cider vinegar
5ml/1 tsp white wine
5ml/1 tsp Worcestershire sauce
A little bit of onion powder and dried tarragon
45ml/3tbsp Dijon mustard

Preparation method

Mix together all the ingredients.

Place the meat in a large resealable plasic bag and pour over the marinade.

Leave it to marinate for at least 2 hours, but preferably overnight.

This marinade will make your pork chops tender and tasty.

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