Chilli Vodka

This drink is hot hot hot … Have you not tried putting red chillies in a drink before, it’s about time!


6 parts vodka
1 red chilli
1 part lemon juice (fresh squeezed lime juice)
6 parts club soda
1 pinch salt

Preparation method

Locate the blender, folks!

Mix vodka, chilli, lemon juice, club soda and salt in the blender until the chilli is dissolved.

Is it a bit to hot for you? Add more club soda.

Serve this colorful drink in a cocktail glass and garnish with a red chilli like on the picture (an entire chilli is probably a bit much, but looks cool. Do you want less garnish, you can cut some slices of the chilli and sprinkle it over).

To keep the drink cold, feel free to have an ice cube in the glass.

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