Are you just a little hungry, or do not know what to serve for appetizer – or if you want something to add to your glass of white wine on the balcony, or when you sit by the fireplace with a glass of wine, make some bruschetta and cut them up in small manageable pieces. This is done in a jiffy.


Some slices of your favorite bread
4 tomatoes
A little unrefined salt
olive oil

Preparation method:

Peel and crush garlic. Take a few slices of your favorite bread and grill them lightly, or put them in a toaster. While they are still warm – add a little garlic. If you want a more pronounced garlic flavor, you can moss white onion and put on the amount you like.

And, if you are lucky enough to have a tasty olive oil in the cupboard, it is the right moment to use it. Pour plenty of delicious oil over the tomatoes and finish with a sprinkling of basil. Basil tastes best fresh!

Remember: Tear fresh basil leaves with your hands, do not cut with a knife because they will turn brown.

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